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The Life and Times of a Working Mom

The gorgeous face I have to leave every morning.

(I wrote this in 2015, but never published it. Though my circumstances have changed, and much of my life is different and easier, I feel that many of these insights still apply for so many, so I thought it was still worth publishing now.)
I don't blog enough. I guess I find it hard to update regularly because I don't want to write unless I have something important to say. Not just something mildly important -- that's what Facebook status updates are for -- but something worthwhile, you know? If I'm going to sit down and compose something, it better be good. It better be boiling inside my chest, dying to get out and into prose. I guess this is one of those things, something I've wanted to write about for a long time.
I hate being a working mom. I feel like working moms don't get enough recognition. We should have many more perks and amenities than we do. Shoot, we should have our own dang parade once a month just f…

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